Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick,quick! Go see la dear 5p3ians! It's our school's page on Wiki, damn yeng okay! Summore, there's an update on sports day.



On a bloody hot Friday on the first full week of May, CHS's annual sports day was held.

Whatever purpose this day was created for,I do not know, for I do not see any real benefits other than getting all the students(and by all I mean excluding 30% of the population who was not smart enough to actually attend) suntanned.

A few must haves for any student attending our school's sports day include :

1)Water Or die of dehydration. Bring extra if you're form 3 and below, for the after school festivities of water playing and spitting. All the rigid stupid seniors should just loosen up and give in to their inner desires to join in the fun. It's worst than an oven!

2)Camera To take occasional shots of the event. To take pictures of yourself at the event. To take pictures of yourself and others at the event. To take pictures of teachers and useless principals even the teachers dislike to be photoshopped later and placed online for tons of fun and ridicule.

3)Suntan oil / Sunblock Since you're forced to stand under the GLARING SUN anyway, might as well get yourself that tan you always wanted right? / Or die of sunburn. SPF700 strongly recommended.

4)Cap Refer to 3.

5)Extra clothes To change to run from school at the exact time that the event WAS supposed to end. To change to run from school at the exact time that you told your parents to fetch you. So that the parents don't die or turn 5 shades darker. (refer above) 6)Brain and guts. If you're outside school: a)RUN. b)take a bus. c)taxi. d)LRT.

The wonders of public transport ;) Good job, dearest uncorrupted government of Malaysia!

If you're inside school: a)RUN. b)STAND STRONG TOGETHER,and run. (CHS Students should stand United. let's see them catch all 3000 of us.) c)Climb. d)Dig. e)Shoot the principal with your trusted rifle.***

      • ONE shot to the back of the head should do the trick.

Sports Day serves as a catalyst to bring out the best in students. Rules are reinforced by the spiteful. Thank you dear Purple House for being so wonderfully unrule bending *coughs*

Sports Day brings out the worst in the most decent of students,trickery, spying, backstabbing, sabotage are the most important skills we acquire from the events that lead up to this event and this event itself. These skills are important and very useful, especially when we get out of school and get into society.

Thank you bloody purple house teacher for reporting that red house's decoration was a little over the allowed limit. Dearest red house students who cried like shit because all your efforts and hard work have become irrelevant because of an unintentional mistake being exploited by some purple house TEACHER who are so RULE Abiding that insisted that the marks are denied and cut, whatever man - grow some balls and get over it. THIS IS JUST SOME STUPID SCHOOL'S SPORT DAY, one where treachery is the biggest rule to play by, despite the theme this year being 'HONESTY'.

Thank you dear purple house teacher for instigating bad feelings between the members of the houses Red and Purple.

Among other events, thank you for tuning in ;)